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Ecological sustainability
As an operator in a Conservation zone we recognise the importance of meeting the highest environmental standards

Our business was designed around the environment, with the buildings and walkways constructed to minimise the impact. Our boats are also custom designed to limit the size and noise impact. Our specialised boats also maximise our visitor’s experience in this unique World Heritage Area with their small, maneuverable design.

Our business requires permits to operate, which limits the number of operators on the river and therefore also the impacts on the surrounding environment. The permit requires reporting on visitor numbers to the authorities which enables informed decision making on future regulations.

We make business decisions based on the environmental outcomes, including the type of products we use in our shop and café, and the type of waste we produce. We avoid producing as much waste as possible and recycle what we can. We have a bio-cycle which produces clean water which is reused on our gardens. Waste from our toilets is discharged into two bio-cycle tanks which progress in stages, from an almost silent pumping system and eventually through a silent exhaust system. The emitted fumes are odorless, and the waste water is delivered through sprinklers and onto our garden.

While we were inspected by authorities, it was noted that our compliancy was met by keeping this waste water away from natural water courses. We are privileged to have a permit to operate in a Conservation Zone on the Daintree River and therefore we ensure any rubbish spotted on tours or recreationally is collected from the river.

Once we were granted our Permit to Occupy on the bank of the Daintree River, adjacent to our home and operation, we were then required to engage a Naval Architect and a Civil Engineer to produce drawings for the construction of a pontoon and gangway to be compliant with regulations. This exercise protects the river bank and has no environmental impact.

All our staff have a keen interest in protecting the natural world. Personally, we write articles to inform the public about this special area and contribute to the media to ensure accurate information is presented. We take research groups out on our boats free of charge.

We pride ourselves on educating people about this unique environment and contributing to its preservation.

At Bruce Belcher River Cruises and living in the Daintree, it’s very important for us to be sustainable and ecofriendly towards our environment to maintain its heritage beauty for future generations. The Daintree Rainforest is at least 135 million years old – possibly even as old as 180 million years! It is the world's oldest tropical lowland rainforest and we want to maintain it’s beauty without any pollution to our natural surroundings. We do our bit for the environment be ensuring all of our cans and bottles are recycled. We have up to 44 solar panels throughout our property that partially run our business every year to ensure our environmental friendliness.

Bruce Belcher’s Daintree River Cruises is also a Registered Refill Water Station within the Douglas Shire Council.

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Times & Rates
Offering to all discerning travellers the best choices in on-site accommodation, caravanning, camping and a central location close to all our town’s amenities and services.
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As an operator in a Conservation zone we recognise the importance of meeting the highest environmental standards. Our business was designed around the environment, with the buildings and walkways constructed to minimise the impact.
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About us
Our boat was designed to be comfortable, quiet and to maximize our Daintree River cruises observation. Guests are encouraged to stand on the front deck to get “up close and personal” with wildlife on our Daintree crocodile tours.
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Our Daintree cruises reception area also has a souvenir shop with many items for all budgets and all personalities, to remember your Daintree River Cruises experience.
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Contact us to get the regions best Daintree River experience
We've been providing Daintree River Tours since 1987

2856 Mossman-Daintree Rd, Lower Daintree, QLD.
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Phone: 0459 241 899

Email: info@daintreerivercruises.com.au


Operating days (March – January)

Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5pm (last cruise 2:30pm)
Sunday: 9am to 1:30pm (last cruise 12pm)

We are closed throughout February

We are Closed Christmas day

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