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Make a lasting memory with one of our unique souvenirs
Show your friends and family when you get back home

Our Daintree cruises reception area also has a souvenir shop with many items for all budgets and all personalities, to remember your Daintree River Cruises experience. It is open from 9am – 5pm every day except for Christmas day and is a great way to take away a memento of your Daintree crocodile tours. We have available a range of quirky, interesting, fun and factual souvenirs of this unique part of our world.

Light snacks are available from June to September and we have a licensed bar so you can refresh while shopping for your own little piece of Daintree memories in our souvenir shop. Both our shop and cafe have credit card facilities and we can even assist with postage of souvenirs and items back to your home country. Just ask one of our friendly staff for assistance and we'll be more than happy to help.

daintree river cruises
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daintree river tours
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river cruises daintree
The River Train Café

In 1988, the Daintree River Train was launched and commissioned to join other tour boats on the Daintree River to conduct tours observing wildlife in this estuarine or river mouth environment.

Although it was engaged in regulation activities, it offered a different aspect to rival businesses. It is a long vessel of about 30 metres, with a series of drones coupled together and to appear like a train.

The idea was envisioned by an eccentric man, Alan Patterson. He and his family moved from Victoria, bought a property on the northern bank just downstream and adjacent to the ferry crossing. The vessel was built on the property with the intention of operating the business from there with a Permit to Occupy.

A second permit was developed on the south side of the river, opposite their home. That is where they met the public who had prior booking arrangements or just simply met walk in guests. Initially, the tours lasted about two hours, which included a journey towards the river mouth and then an interpretive tour of the mangroves on their property.

Several years later, tourism changed on the river from long tours to those of one-hour duration. The business was eventually sold to subsequent operators and then it became dysfunctional.

It was offered to us for sale around 2015. We attempted to engage it in our activities to work with guests from cruise ships visiting Cairns and Port Douglas. However, we felt awkward doing this, cancelled our contracts, removed the vessel from the river and placed it in our reception area as a seating place where we offered complimentary tea and coffee. As it is adjacent to our licenced bar it is a good place to sit and enjoy the ambience.

These days, it sits there as a museum piece in recognition of the Patterson family who built it. All was not lost in this change as the valuable 64 seat permit will be used in our activities into the future. Its history lives on at our establishment and the Patterson family remain our good friends.


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Times & Rates
Offering to all discerning travellers the best choices in on-site accommodation, caravanning, camping and a central location close to all our town’s amenities and services.
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As an operator in a Conservation zone we recognise the importance of meeting the highest environmental standards. Our business was designed around the environment, with the buildings and walkways constructed to minimise the impact.
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About us
Our boat was designed to be comfortable, quiet and to maximize our Daintree River cruises observation. Guests are encouraged to stand on the front deck to get “up close and personal” with wildlife on our Daintree crocodile tours.
daintree river cruises
Our Daintree cruises reception area also has a souvenir shop with many items for all budgets and all personalities, to remember your Daintree River Cruises experience.
daintree crocodile tours daintree river tours
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We've been providing Daintree River Tours since 1987

2856 Mossman-Daintree Rd, Lower Daintree, QLD.
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Phone: 0459 241 899

Email: info@daintreerivercruises.com.au


Operating days (March – January)

Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5pm (last cruise 2:30pm)
Sunday: 9am to 1:30pm (last cruise 12pm)

We are closed throughout February

We are Closed Christmas day

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